Concrete Furniture: A Long Lasting Investment

Lowell Russell Concrete offers makes unique concrete furniture in Lakeville, MN such as tables and patio furniture.

Are you looking for the perfect statement piece for your home or patio? Then you should consider adding concrete furniture to your Minnesota home or patio! Though typically concrete is thought of as a flooring surface, more furniture designers and interior designers are finding other uses for it. Lowell Russell Concrete of Lakeville, MN has been a leader in providing concrete tables and other concrete furniture to the area.

Concrete opens a world of possibilities when it comes to furniture design. It can be molded into various forms and shapes. For homeowners, concrete furniture enables them to have unique pieces in their home. Whether you are looking for a new table, a patio set, or a way to display family heirlooms, you may want to consider concrete furniture from Lowell Russell Concrete.

In particular, concrete furniture is perfect for homes that are looking for a minimalistic feel. Concrete can be finished to have either a simple, one-tone finish, or etched with intricate designs and colors. No matter the theme or style of your home, concrete furniture can be made to fit your exact needs and personality.

We know that we’ve already convinced you to invest in concrete furniture for you next accent piece, but where do you start? For ideas, check out our photo gallery to see our previous work and build from there. Lowell Russell Concrete will be standing by to help your decorate your home in Lakeville, MN with concrete furniture and tables.

Benefits of Stamped Concrete in Lakeville, MN Driveways and Patios

Stamped Concrete Driveways and Patios in Minnesota from Lowell Russell Concrete

Many people enjoy the designs that can be made with bricks and traditional concrete in driveways, patios, and walkways. Unfortunately, these traditional options can leave room for weeds to pop up and spread, ruining designs like an unsightly blemish on your face. Before you accept that there’s no other option, consider a stamped concrete driveway or patio in Lakeville, MN from Lowell Russell Concrete.

With stamped concrete, you have many different options. From the design of the main layout, to choosing the border, to picking the perfect color combinations, the personalization options are endless. Stamped concrete offers a more defined pattern that sits deeper.

You might be thinking that a paved driveway or patio is a simpler solution for your needs, but you may be forgetting one key factor: frost. For a naturally flat surface, stamped concrete will move more smoothly with the frost and thaw cycle our area experiences each winter and spring.

Less invasion from weeds, high, personalized aesthetics, and freedom of movement are just a few of the major benefits of stamped concrete. You can discover more by contacting Lowell Russell Concrete to discuss your stamped concrete options in Lakeville, MN.

Already set on a stamped concrete patio or driveway? Experiment with colors, designs, and borders by using our concrete designer tool and visualize the next addition to your home!

A Concrete Fire Pit – An Essential For Your Lakeville, MN Concrete Patio

Lowell Russell Concrete provides concrete fire pits and concrete patios in Lakeville, MN and surrounding areas

Fire pits have become a popular addition to patios in recent years. Combined with a concrete patio, some comfortable furniture, and a pool, a concrete fire pit would be the perfect fit to finish off your sanctuary and get away from the busy-ness around you. Whether your yard is large or small, you can have it all. Many may not realize it, but small yards can become a garden oasis complete with a finished patio, porch, rock garden, and include a fire pit. A customized fire pit fits wonderfully for those nights of entertaining and great conversation or just sitting with a good book while deep in quiet thoughts. If you are fortunate to have acreage with plenty of space, a fire pit can help complete that atmosphere as well. The staff at Lowell Russell Concrete can help you achieve the back yard or patio of your dreams, and a concrete fire pit can be the finishing touch to a great outdoor environment!

A fire pit can be an essential piece of your outdoor décor. It can serve as a focal point, be versatile enough to match any setting, and can play a variety of roles. It can provide a cozy gathering space for friends, a place for a cookout with the family, or fill the spot of some quiet time. Whatever your needs or desires, a concrete fire pit can become the elegant and versatile way to add charm and warmth to your outdoor living space.

So, stoke up a fire, get some comfortable furniture, and invite friends or family to entertain. Everyone needs a time to wind down, enjoy food and fellowship with friends and family, and enjoy the wonderful seasons of Minnesota and the upper Midwest. Talk with the team at Lowell Russell Concrete today and give them your idea of the perfect fire pit for your home and patio. If you can dream it, we can design and build the fire pit you desire!

Lakeville, MN Concrete Patios Provide Years of Enjoyment, Relaxation, and Delight

Lowell Russell Concrete provides Concrete Patios in Lakeville, MN and throughout Minnesota

As spring-like weather finally begins to show its face in Southeastern Minnesota, it is time to get rid of the winter doldrums and spend time outside. One of the most gratifying ways to do this is to spend time relaxing on the patio. If grilling, entertaining, and spending time with family and friends is something you do best, a patio is the perfect choice to get the job done. Contact Lowell Russell Concrete to get the long overdue project of a Lakeville, MN concrete patio started today.

Relaxation is something most of us need more of. Because of hectic schedules, family obligations, and work, relaxation often times takes the back seat. This eventually makes us tense, stressed, and unhealthy. Having a concrete patio with some comfortable chairs, a table, and other amenities provides plentiful amounts of enjoyment and delight. A time to relax, take in the sun and Mother Nature’s gifts, visit with family and friends, or read a good book—all of which decrease our stress level and make us happier and healthier.

Whether you choose a concrete slab, pavers, or some other design and style, a patio is sure to provide years of enjoyment, delight, and pleasure. At the end of the day, when you want a retreat from the busy-ness around you, your patio can become your sanctuary. Perhaps flower gardens or rock gardens along with a fountain mixed-in next to or within your patio can provide hours of relaxation. Stoke up a fire, start the grill, get some comfortable furniture, and invite friends or family to enjoy a festive barbeque. On a calm summers eve take in the fragrances of fresh blossoms in your beautiful, serene yard. Or simply enjoy the atmosphere with a good book and quiet time to appreciate the sounds and scents of nature around you.

Contact the professionals at Lowell Russell Concrete today for inspiring ideas, designs, and styles for your concrete patio. Our trained and experienced staffs offer the highest quality exterior concrete services. Rid yourself of the winter doldrums and get started on the project of your dreams—a concrete patio for a happier, healthier you!

Relaxation by the Poolside—Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This | Concrete Pools in Lakeville, MN

Lowell Russell Concrete | Providing concrete pools in Lakeville, MN and surrounding communities

With nicer weather upon us and the itch to be outside after the long, harsh winter, let your mind wander to the lazy days of summer! Think scorching hot rays of the sun, an even tan, and cooling off in the swimming pool. Sounds awesome, uplifting and a real treat, right? Have you thought about installing your own pool, or do you currently have a pool that is beginning to look a little weathered and needs some attention? Now is the time to think this project through, whether you need repairs or wish to begin the planning process to build your own pool. Contact the professionals at Lowell Russell Concrete for inspiring ideas, designs, and shapes for your concrete pool.

Concrete swimming pools have a great advantage when compared to other types of pools such as fiberglass or vinyl lined pools. Vinyl lined pools have been shown to be less durable, and the risk of tears, stains, and leaks is much higher when compared to concrete. Concrete pools can be customized and feature additional amenities such as waterfalls if desired. The shapes and designs are endless, depending on your wants, needs, and desires. Another enhancement for added attraction is to line the pool with tiles, thus adding a unique, eye-catching look.

Regardless of whether you already have a pool or are thinking of installing one, proper upkeep and repair is a necessity. A pool that is properly winterized can be readied for the summer months relatively easily and will last for many, many years.

A backyard oasis can be yours by installing not only a pool, but a patio and serene surroundings as well. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a spa or a pool and pool house to entertain your guests. Perhaps a grotto, a fire pit, or an outdoor kitchen is on your bucket list. All of this can be accomplished with a little creative planning!

Contact the professional team at Lowell Russell Concrete today to discuss and plan your concrete pool, patio, and other items to create your own backyard oasis. Like the saying says, “Relax and take in the abundance of life.” – Author Unknown.

Ground Frost, Wear and Tear, and Concrete Problems in Lakeville, MN

Lowell Russell Concrete | Lakeville, MN Concrete Driveways, Concrete Countertops, and More!

Ground frost, inclement weather, and wear and tear can take its toll on concrete causing sinking, cracking, unevenness and other concrete problems. If you are experiencing any of these problems with your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or pool area, it may be time to contact the team at Lowell Russell Concrete for concrete solutions including concrete countertops and concrete driveways in Lakeville, MN.

The ground frost this past winter went exceptionally deep. Coupled with wear and tear, ground frost can wreak havoc on concrete streets as well as in and around our homes. It is typically best to repair cracks, sinking, and the effects of wear and tear sooner rather than later, as it may become quite expensive if repairs are not completed in a timely manner. The tough winter and spring seasons can play a huge role in concrete problems as well as your budget. High traffic concrete typically takes a lot of punishment. Proper repairs can save you from future damage as well as ensure the safety of those walking on patios and sidewalks. If you notice that cracking is a recurring problem, it may be best to call in the professionals to find the contributing factors instead of doing just cosmetic repair.

There are a number of ways to repair interior or exterior concrete. Determining the appropriate types of materials to make proper repairs is crucial to ensure future durability. When you have a strong and well repaired floor, driveway, or sidewalk, it increases the value of your property, and ensures the safety of your family, friends, workers, or all who may enter.

If you have interior or exterior concrete that is cracking or sinking, breakage, potholes, or other concrete problems or worries, please give us a call. Our professional staff can address your concerns and provide the expert workmanship and quality products to correct problems or completely replace failing concrete. We’ve all been waiting for spring, and now that it is here and Mother Nature’s winter has taken its toll, get your concrete repaired for safety and increase the value of your home today. Then you can enjoy the lazy days of summer by the pool area with friends and family. Now that’s living! Contact Lowell Russell Concrete today!

Ground Frost and Concrete in Lakeville, MN

Lowell Russell Concrete | Lakeville, MN Concrete Installation and Preservation

If you look around your home, you will see that you probably have quite a bit of concrete – from sidewalks to patios to driveways. With the harsh winters in the Midwest, the ground frost has a depth of several feet, particularly this year with the sub-zero temperatures hitting us for many consecutive days. Because of this, ice can form below concrete surfaces and cause it to heave or crack. Many experts say that the bigger the crack, the bigger the problem. Frost heaving of concrete is the result of pressure created from a combination of freezing temperatures and soil defrosting and is one of the main reasons for damage to patios, sidewalks, driveways, and even streets or highways. If concrete is installed and poured properly, heaving can be avoided and your patio or sidewalk will look as perfect when spring rolls around as it did last summer before the cold and freezing temperatures were upon us. The professionals at Lowell Russell Concrete take pride in their work and will make every effort to get and keep your Lakeville, MN concrete project just the way you dreamed it would be—free of heaving or cracking and beautiful to show off to guests.

Curing of concrete is an important aspect of keeping your concrete patio or area looking great and holding up during the harsh winters and thawing springs in the Midwest. With proper curing and hydration, the strength, durability, and look of the concrete are increased greatly. Proper and complete curing generally requires a period of 7-10 days after pouring of the concrete. Warmer weather and hydration are typically needed for concrete to cure properly and allow for a durable surface. If you have no other option than to pour concrete during a colder time of the year, frost blankets should be used to ensure proper curing.

There are several different types of cracks and heaving that you need to look for in keeping your concreting in top-notch condition:
• Hairline cracks are quite small and typically do not threaten the structure of your concrete, but they can become a point for ground water to enter, thus making the problem worse with time.
• Spalling is flaking, peeling, and erosion of the top layer of concrete and is typically caused by expansion and contraction of moisture during the freeze and thaw cycles.
• Settling is a sagging or caving of the concrete. This often times results from poorly drained or poorly compacted soil, causing the ground underneath to be unstable.
• Heaving as noted above is caused from the freeze and thaw cycles.

Because the changing weather is constantly attacking homeowners, concrete sealing plays an important role along with proper installation, upkeep and maintenance. Contact the trained professionals at Lowell Russell Concrete to help with proper installation of your concrete project to make your dreams come true. Keep this quote in mind, “Your dreams are like the cement. If you water it with actions, it becomes a hard concrete mass. But if you leave it exposed and unwatered, the air will easily blow it away!” ― Israelmore Avivor

Lakeville, MN Stamped Concrete Patios Are Sure to Lift Your Spirits

Lowell Russell Concrete provides stamped concrete patios in Lakeville, MN and surrounding areas

Spring is just a few days away, or so the calendar states. Many are beginning to get Spring Fever and hoping to get outside, roll up their sleeves, and start cleaning up after our harsh Midwest winter. With spring in the air, the construction business will begin to ramp up as well. The visualization of planting some flowers and a garden, cleaning up the yard, and walking with our galoshes to make splashes and sloshes sounds quite appealing. With spring thinking, perhaps a new or updated patio is also on your list of jobs to be done. Lowell Russell Concrete can help you fulfill your dream of getting into the “spring” of things with stamped concrete patios in Lakeville, MN.

Stamped concrete is becoming more and more popular in today’s market. A stamped concrete patio gives you the look of a stone patio for a lot less than pavers or other options. Pavers can be much more labor intense and time consuming, whereas stamped concrete requires less maintenance with a simple coat of clear sealer every few years. The biggest advantage of stamped concrete is its versatility, plus there’s no worry about tripping hazards as it is one continuous slab of concrete. Because the pattern is stamped into the concrete the “stones” won’t settle over time or create uneven surfaces. Grass and weeds will not sprout between the stones as there is no grout, joints, or filler for the weeds to sneak through.

With the look to mimic brick, cobblestones, or cracked earth, stamped concrete is sure to fit in with your entertaining décor. Different patterns, shapes, and textures are readily available in many different colors to give your patio the look you desire and become the inviting retreat for yourself and your guests.
If you already have a concrete patio that is in good shape, you can add a stamped finish to achieve the look you desire. Remember, though, that you will be raising the height of the old slab, so you will want to be certain the new surface doesn’t interfere with things like existing steps and foundation walls.

“Spring” ahead and contact Lowell Russell Concrete today to have one of our trained professionals take a look and give you an estimate. It is never too early to begin plans for a new project to upgrade your home’s value and appearance, and a stamped concrete patio will do just that. Give us a call today to speak with one of our trained professionals and let us help you “spring” into the summer season with a new stamped concrete patio!

Concrete Kitchen Island and Shelving – Perfect for the Culinary Experts in Lakeville, MN

Lakeville, MN Concrete Kitchen Islands and Shelving with Lowell Russell Concrete

One of the most popular choices for households today is polished concrete countertopsConcrete countertops are superior to other types of countertops because of their strength and beauty, and they are made to last. Lowell Russell Concrete has the skilled and experienced craftsmen so that you get the perfectly unique look designed just for you and your family. Lowell Russell Concrete provides beautiful concrete countertops in Lakeville, MN for kitchen islands and shelving!

These types of countertops can be molded to fit any space which makes them quite desirable for kitchens. The finished masterpieces will delight any culinary individual and make their workspace free of worry from hot pans, drips, and spills. Because of concrete’s durability, these countertops can stand up to any abuse in the kitchen. Express your style in your living environment by installing a concrete countertop or island in your kitchen.

Another unique style with beauty is open shelving made of polished concrete in your kitchen or pantry to provide plenty of storage and, in some cases, a large, flowing workspace. Stock your shelves with pots, pans, dishes, and spices, or use it as a pantry and store it full of groceries as you prepare some fabulous meals, desserts, or snacks. Use as a practical addition to your cooking and baking needs, or decorate to add some distinctive beauty to your kitchen. Your concrete countertops can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. The experts at Lowell Russell Concrete will guide you through the entire process from consultation to installation as well as cleanup and removal of old countertops. Consult with one of our design staff to help you find the best plan and layout for your needs. With many options in which to choose, Lowell Russell staff can help you create a custom look for any project on your list.

Sit back and relax while Lowell Russell Concrete experts take care of things for you. They will assist you in making your dream kitchen come true. Contact us today for ideas and an estimate, and get started on your polished concrete kitchen countertop, island, and open shelving.  You’ll be glad you did!

Concrete Sinks – A Great Look for Any Home in Lakeville, MN

Lowell Russell Concrete offers Concrete Sinks for your Home in Lakeville, MN

Concrete…a material that usually doesn’t sound all too glamorous, does it? A substance that is generally used for driveways, sidewalks, or walls isn’t typically thought of as something that would be a great asset or give a fabulous look to anything indoors. However, many homeowners are choosing concrete sinks for their homes because they simply love the look. And, unlike porcelain, plastic or stainless steel, concrete can take a lot of wear and tear before showing any nicks or scratches.  Lowell Russell Concrete can help you find the perfect look, whether rustic or glamorous, for your home in Lakeville, MN.

An alternative to the mass manufactured porcelain or plastic sinks that can be found everywhere, a concrete sink can be designed and constructed to compliment any type of décor and make your creation truly unique. The versatility of concrete allows it to pair beautifully with wood surroundings for a rustic, outdoor feel, or create a highly distinctive impression in a most stylish and modern living environment. Lowell Russell Concrete will design and fashion your sink to fit your space and be the perfect match for you whether installed in your kitchen, bath, or powder room. By using concrete, the possibilities are endless!   Contact the professionals at Lowell Russell Concrete today to see the items and designs available to you.  If giving your bathroom, kitchen, or powder room a makeover is something you have been putting off for years, and you are considering a new look that will add warmth and/or glamour to your home, now is a great time to tackle a facelift for your sink and counters. You can browse through our photo gallery for ideas and inspiration. It is never too early to begin the plans for a new project to upgrade both your home’s value and appearance. Contact us today to speak with one of our trained professionals.