We understand that using concrete to enhance your decor may be an idea that seems unusual. After all, when most people hear the word “concrete,” they picture a garage floor or the neighborhood sidewalk. We would like you to consider the possibility that concrete can add not only function, but warmth and artistry to the INSIDE of your home.

Take a look at our gallery of decorative concrete photos.

As you can see, the look and uses of concrete are limitless! By incorporating stains, epoxies, aggregates, and your creative ideas, concrete becomes a versatile material that adds unique style to any room. Imagine how a custom countertop, floor or mantle can increase the value of your home. Think about your guests not only seated around your kitchen table, but admiring its beauty. And because concrete is considerably less expensive than many building materials, it won’t break your budget. Its durability and low maintenance keep your cost of ownership low too.

As you consider your next home improvement project, we encourage you to imagine the possibility that stained concrete will not only meet your needs, but go far beyond your expectations. Lowell Russell Concrete, Inc. would like to be your partner in transforming your upcoming interior design project into a work of art.

If you want to explore the many possibilities of stained concrete MN for your home or business, consider contacting Lowell Russell Concrete, Inc. in Minnesota, at 952-461-3710 or Request a Quote online. We offer a variety of decorative concrete services, including interior and exterior applications, staining, stenciling and imprinting of concrete.