Homeowners are looking to concrete as the material of choice for countertops. Watching current television home design shows, the savvy home shopper notices concrete as a featured countertop material.

Concrete countertops for kitchen and bath look elegant and smart, yet are very durable. Concrete is made primarily from sand and water. These materials are plentiful, making it an eco-friendly choice. Natural stone countertops, such as the popular granite, are chosen for the elegance, smart appearance and durability as well, yet granite must be shipped great distances, having a much larger environmental impact.

Concrete is a versatile countertop material. The look can be customized in a variety of ways. By using chemical stains, coloring pigments, various aggregates and epoxy coatings, the craftsman is able to shape the appearance and texture of the concrete to simulate quarried stones such as granite, limestone or marble.

The homeowner has a vast array of color and finish choices available and the customization creates a unique work of art in the kitchen or bath. Because each slab of concrete is hand cast, none will be identical. The subtle variations of each piece are what many people find most attractive in the choice of concrete for home countertops.

The unique qualities of concrete as a design choice allow each stylish homeowner to express their own creativity, personality and passion. The design possibilities are nearly endless with concrete as the choice for countertops.

Make a concrete countertop even more one-of-a-kind! Use recycled materials as features in the countertop. Salvaged items such as bits of broken pottery and colored glass can be added to the concrete to personalize the countertop. These distinctive elements are aesthetically pleasing while economically and ecologically sound.

The long-term value of a concrete countertop is unbeatable, and its timeless beauty will endure for decades.

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