You have probably seen decorative concrete in many places but not realized what material it was! Concrete has traveled a long way from gray sidewalks and driveways. Just a few examples of what concrete can be used for are: sleek and durable concrete countertops, innovative concrete walls resembling any material, and high end polished concrete floors of any color. Decorative concrete can also give you a custom look for a driveway, pool, or patio area. In short, concrete can be stained any color, designed to imitate almost any surface, and can be used virtually anywhere.

Concrete has become one of the most sought after materials on the design market for its versatility and many other good reasons. It is less expensive than other design materials, more durable, virtually maintenance free, and environmentally friendly.

One popular option is stamped concrete, this is typically used for outdoor projects and the concrete can be dyed any color or combination of colors. The concrete is stamped when it is wet to give it the look of stone or brick. You can get the same look for half the price of traditional materials. Just a few of the design options are custom walkways, stairs, and retaining walls.

Concrete can also be polished, and when polished it is typically used for maintenance free flooring that will never need to be refinished or waxed! While polished floors have mainly been used for businesses, homeowners are turning to this solution for a custom floor that is a beautiful focal point of their home.

If you have existing concrete that you do not want to replace but you do want it to be more decorative, concrete can also be engraved. An experienced decorative concrete installer can use tools to etch designs into the concrete. The etching can be done alone or accompanied by staining, which can be done in any hue. Contact an experienced decorative concrete installer today, save money, and make your design dreams come true!

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