For both interior and outdoor underground pools, nothing beats concrete. A concrete pool is not only superior to other pools in durability and design but it is also a great way to relax and enjoy the summer weather. Concrete pools are also just a little way to show off, which can be done modestly or with flair.

Design is the number one benefit in concrete pools. With concrete, there is no limit to shape, size, edging, and features. Concrete allows a person to express a pool design aesthetic by creating something original and unique. Once the basic shape and size are determined, concrete can also be stamped and stained for further refinement. Earth tone stain can lend an air of natural beauty that cannot be matched by other materials or plain gray concrete. Stamping the concrete can also create unique designs and texture on both the pool walls and deck.

Other benefits of concrete pools include their durability. Concrete will last for years, and a lifetime if properly maintained. Concrete pools are also the safest on the market. Tile can be slick and cause dangerous accidents. The texture of concrete helps to prevent falls. Concrete pools are also easy to clean. Most spills can be cleaned with a simple spray of a garden hose.

Lowell Russell Concrete has been serving Minnesota for over 35 years and they have the experience and skill to create a concrete pool meeting virtually any design specification. A Lowell Russell Concrete pool is one that can be shown off for years to come as both a mark of achievement and design.