Concrete is a versatile material, and using concrete to build interior or exterior pools offers significant advantages over a fiberglass pool. The primary reason to choose a concrete pool is the unlimited flexibility. Concrete can be poured to fit a space of any size. Most fiberglass pools come only in preset designs, whereas a concrete pool can be customized to a particular shape without increasing the cost by much. This allows for complete creativity, limited only by imagination.

A concrete pool may be less expensive than comparable fiberglass pools. Concrete is a renewable and environmentally-friendly resource, and tends to reflect heat away. This can help to keep the pool area cool, perfect for summer pool parties.

Recent advances in concrete techniques have led to concrete that can have a number of different textures and colors. The high durability offered by concrete keeps normal wear-and-tear from unpleasantly deteriorating a concrete pool. Concrete also does not emit harmful emissions like some fiberglass pools may. As a natural resource, concrete is unlikely to trigger an allergy, and a concrete pool can be easily cleaned and requires no special chemicals or techniques.

Like all construction projects, choosing a concrete pool contractor should be thoroughly researched. Browse our concrete pool photo gallery for examples of our work. Recommendations can also be solicited. If you check with the Better Business Bureau you’ll notice we have consistently been recognized for excellent customer satisfaction. Choosing a concrete company with an established reputation can ensure that if problems do happen, customer service can handle them.

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