An exterior concrete patio is a wonderful extension of the home which is brought outdoors. A patio can be built around a pool, or as a place for seating, tables, and an outdoor grill for the whole family to enjoy. And concrete is one of the best construction materials to build a patio with because it’s affordable, low maintenance, and visually versatile.

Patios can be made of wood, different types of stone, or concrete. Wood and stone patios can be expensive and they come with certain disadvantages. If a patio is built of wood, excessive rainfall can cause the wood to splinter and stick into bare feet and hands. Annoying bugs and mites also tend to live in wooden materials. When a patio is made of stone or slate, the materials can be expensive and weeds and grass will continuously grow up out of the cracks between the stones making weeding a routine chore.

Concrete is a versatile and inexpensive material with which to build a patio. Concrete patios hold up extremely well to harsh weather extremes for lasting durability. Concrete patios last longer and are cheaper to build than a stone patio, but the concrete can be poured, colored, and stamped to make the concrete patio look as if it were made of actual stone. Concrete can be colored and stamped to replicate almost any type of stone or brick, and because it is stamped, there are no holes or cracks for the underlying grass and weeds to creep through. The concrete can be stamped into rectangles and dyed a grey green to resemble slate, or dyed an orange red color and stamped in small rectangles to resemble brick.

It is also very easy to maintain concrete patios. The process for cleaning a dirty concrete patio involves spraying it down with a hose or power washer, using soap and a push broom to clean it, and then thoroughly rinsing the soap suds off the patio with the hose.

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