A finished concrete driveway adds “shine” to a house. Cured out, textured, and stained concrete makes for a premium polish. Durable, easily maintained, and available in an array of colors, patterns, and textures, concrete is a top rate choice for quality driveway material.

Just a short while back, finished driveway materials came in asphalt or concrete, black or white (sometimes gray). Choosing which product to install centered on the cost of initial installation, product life cycle, and personal tastes.

A report by the American Concrete Pavement Association clears up the issue of initial cost and product life span for us (http://www.concreteroads.org/SR992P.pdf). Concrete is a better buy.

So let’s look at taste. Your driveway is the portal to your home. Let it make a good impression. Standard coloring and textures are still available, but there has never been a time of greater choice in concrete driveway applications. The decorative options are astonishing, beautiful, and reasonably priced.

Matching the exterior layout and decor of your home has never been easier. Consider the large array of available texture designs offered by Lowell Russell Concrete:

· Broom finish.
· Stacked bond.
· Basket weave.
· Interlocking.
· Running bond.
· Herringbone.
· Octagon square.
· Clay tile.
· Victorian.

With matching edging, a full crayon-pack of colors, and an easy to use online Exterior Concrete Designer, Lowell Russell Concrete can help you assemble the perfect look for your concrete driveway. And when the vision is fully shaped, Lowell Russell Concrete can also help you put a long lasting, finished “shine” to your home.