Concrete driveways offer many wonderful and applicable options to the exterior of one’s home. Concrete driveways are durable, look great, are cost effective and can be maintained well.

Most homeowners want the exterior, as well as the interior to look good and that is where a concrete driveway becomes a part of a good-looking home. What makes a concrete driveway an asset for homeowners is its color, texture and a traditional look that not only works well for most homes but highlights the property value of a home.

What some don’t know is that concrete driveways can add an enhanced look to one’s driveway with optional choices that give the appearance of slate, stone or brick. Many designs are available for the homeowner; designs that enhance and upgrade the look of most homes. Browse Lowell Russell Concrete’s photo gallery of concrete driveways for ideas and examples.

What makes concrete driveways an excellent choice for homeowners is its functionality and its many design options. In addition, concrete driveways heighten and enhance the value of one’s property. Concrete also is very durable and can last up to 30 years with little maintenance required.

Once a concrete driveway has been finished, it is advised to apply a high quality sealer on the entire concrete area. This sealer will help protect the concrete from being damaged from thaw and freeze cycles and from absorbing moisture. This is also where it pays to invest in high quality concrete and the experienced workmanship of a contractor.

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